Best Human Touch Massage Chairs

If you have a good massage chair, you can always enjoy a relaxing massage of professional quality. After a stressful and long day at your work, a massage chair can help you with releasing all tension in your body that overwhelms you. However, to get the best relaxing massage means to own the best massage chair. Human Touch is one of the brands offering some of the top models in the industry. It provides a wide range of products for different needs and budgets. Below you can find a list of the top Human Touch models of massage chairs and their reviews.

iJoy 2580 Robotic Massage Chair


This iJoy 2580 is designed according to the robotic massage technology patented by Human Touch, the concept of which repeats the hand movements and techniques of expert professionals dealing with spinal and back care. Thanks to this, you can get the best massage that is possible with such a machine.

The hand movement is imitated by massage rollers. While operating, they move in a straight line in three dimensions. The iJoy 2580 massage techniques include kneading, rolling, percussion, and compression.

Due to various high-end features, iJoy 2580 delivers professional level massage. To provide invigorating massage, it is equipped with three massage options, so that you can choose the mode that suits your needs and preference most at the moment. You can enjoy lower, upper (shoulders and neck) and entire back massage. Each of these programs lasts 15 minutes.

Although the creators of the chair have not included a remote control, the armrest has the in-built control panel, so it is still quite handy and convenient.

Being a recliner as well, the angle of the chair can be changed only by a push of the button so that you can experience a more intensive massage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Human Touch Technology.
  • Four massage techniques: compression, kneading, rolling, and percussion.
  • Three modes: entire back, upper, lower.
  • Removable massage softening pad.
  • Cup holder.

This massage chair is top-rated and has a large number of customers as well as many positive reviews. It is among the top chairs in its price range. The most favored features of this massage chair mentioned by customers are the invigorating therapeutic massage, the design, its functionality and well-built construction. Most users have had this chair in use for many years and have had no serious issues with it. One more benefit of this appliance is its relatively affordable price.

Although most of the reviews on this product are good, there are several complaints, however. One of the biggest ones is that the chair lacks a footrest. It could be a nice and useful addition so that a person could relax their feet as well while leaning back in this chair.


Human Touch HT 5040 Massage Chair


Compared to the iJoy 2580, HT 5040 is a model with a higher price, which offers more functionality and useful features as well. It is equipped with the same massage technology patented by Human Touch, which provides exceptionally relaxing massage.

This model features five massage techniques. It has kneading, rolling, compression, and percussion, as the iJoy 2580 does, and additionally there is the combined percussion and kneading technique.

The HT 5040 massage programs have the same three settings: for lower, upper and the entire back. The same as in the iJoy 2580, the duration of each mode is 15 minutes.

Moreover, this model has the addition that the iJoy 2580 model lacked: the footrest. It can be used as either just a footrest or a massage for calves and feet.The chair can also be reclined for full body stretching that increases the blood flow to discs and vertebrae.

Features and Benefits:

  • Human Touch massage technology.
  • Three modes.
  • Five massage techniques.
  • Feet and Calves Massager.
  • 170-degree recline for full stretching.

The HT 5040 has a good rating and positive reviews from its customers. The users like its exceptional performance, the level of massage close to real hands and long-lasting use. One more mentioned benefit is that the massage setting can be adjusted to fit the height of a user.However, some customers complain that the footrest is rather short. Therefore, your feet might hang off the chair if you are too tall. However, rather than that, there have been mentioned no serious issues with this chair.


Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Recliner


This HT 7450 is among the first massage chairs incorporating the latest innovations in the technology of back care that virtually deny the effects of gravity. This chair reclines to about 160 degrees with the seat, back, and footrest moving synchronously so that the body is put in a position of virtual weightless. Such a position of zero gravity is the ideal condition for massage.

Thanks to the zero gravity massage system patented by Human Touch, the chair provides a relaxing and complex massage for the neck, shoulders, back, and legs.

The HT 7450 features six massage techniques and additional heating for soothing and calming the muscles. The six techniques include kneading, rolling, compression, percussion, kneading combined with percussion and a massage by air bags implanted into the seat for hamstring muscles and soothing gluteus.

The programs, which last for 15 minutes, include massage for the whole body, therapy for legs, feet and hips, stretch, shoulder and neck relief as well as sports back therapy. In addition, this zero gravity chair includes a morning wake up massage, nighttime soothing mode and a mode for demonstrating all the massages.

Features and Benefits:

  • Zero gravity.
  • Six massage techniques.
  • Human Touch massage technology.
  • Eight programs.
  • Lumbar back heating.
  • Feet and calves massager.

Of course, the HT 7450 is quite a pricey model. However, it is packed with a wide range of helpful features. It is created according to innovative technology, providing the best chair massage possible. Thanks to zero gravity, a user gets a more intensive massage. Such a big number of techniques and programs allow getting the message that perfectly fits any needs. It has well-built design and high quality. For those, who are looking for a machine that would provide professional massage, the HT Zero Gravity 7450 is a good investment.



In spite of looking like simple recliners, Human Touch massage chairs are created according to innovative technology and provide efficient therapeutic massage. Each of them uses the massage technology closely replicating the professional hand movements. They target certain groups of muscles and sensitive areas to bring relaxation and relief from pain.

Best Human Touch Massage Chairs
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