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Infinity Iyashi massage chair review

If you are interested in purchasing one of the best professional massage chairs available in the world, the Infinity Iyashi should definitely come into your consideration. This appliance stands among such well-known and strong competitors as Fujita KN9003 and Inada Sogno being one of the most hi-tech models in this price range. It has a modern design with user-friendly massage features. It is equipped with zero gravity, chromotherapy, heat function, Bluetooth connectivity and many other features that make this massage chair a game changer in the field. Take a deeper look at its features, pros and cons with the help of our Infinity Iyashi review.


The Infinity Iyashi Review


This massage chair features an eye-catching design that is extremely comfortable to sit on as you go deeply into relaxation. It has an amazing modern look thanks to supple upholstery cushioning your body during the massage. It features wide side panels and a tall crest.

This Infinity chair comes in several color options. It can be of the fully black color as well as combinations of white and berry red, white and caramel, black and caramel, black and white.

Zero Gravity

To provide the overall well-being, this massage chair offers zero gravity experience. Decompressing the spine, it helps to calm body and mind, soothe stress. You will get relief from your low back pain.

Since there are two zero gravity position options, you can choose the one that caters to your preference best. With one press of a button, this chair will slide forward to the first stage. It uses a hi-tech space-saving track system. That is why it does not recline back and can be placed right against a wall. Since the chair slides forward, your legs are lifted, and your body weight is primarily concentrated on the backrest.

Using the second position enables you to go into a more reclined position focusing all of your weight on the backrest. Such a position helps to increase the weightless feeling and provide a more invigorating massage experience.

49-Inch Roller Stroke

This Infinity Iyashi chair is created with a roller track of L-shape. At 49 inches, it provides the longest massage stroke available on the market. It goes from the neck area down to the gluteus and buttocks muscles. It provides a massage experience as no other massage chair does.

The slide rail of the rollers conforms to the naturally S-shaped curve of your spine, bearing the basic support of the body and taking on the tension and stress.

Multi-Layered Airbag System

Although the roller system may be the dominant feature of this innovative massage chair, you get a good air bag therapy as well. The system of the chair boasts 38 airbags, which combined with the roller system create an amazing massage experience.

Its airbags are multi-layered thanks to which a great number of strength settings and better compression are provided. They move in a fluid and squeezing motions massaging both from back to front and from side to side.

These airbags provide massage from your neck down to your feet. Moreover, they can work on certain areas providing stretching for major groups of muscles by squeezing softer or tighter to make your massage session more effective.

The machine’s airbags are situated in the following areas of the massage:

  • Lower Waist Area. There are three-layer massage airbags situated in the lower waist area providing deep, kneading motion They closely replicate the motions of human hands, promoting tension relief and increasing circulation.
  • Lumbar and Buttock Area. Thanks to the two powerful airbags working in twisting motions, the buttocks and thighs are relieved from all the tension possible.
  • Sole, Leg and Foot Area. Obviously, feet are one more area that bears much stress and fatigue. Massaging them, you can rejuvenate your entire being. Each of the foot units features 20 rollers and airbags. These airbags squeeze, roll and knead providing swing massage for the arch, sole, ankle, and heel.
  • Shoulder Area. There are three airbags below both shoulder areas. This area is definitely the one that experiences the most tension. Massaging it, you get the highest relaxation. The massage techniques that the airbags use here include kneading, twisting, and rolling.
  • Arm and Wrist Area. Like any other area, the arms and wrists are also provided with a soothing and refreshing feeling thanks to the work of the airbags. They promote circulation and take away tension working in wave-like movements.

Automatic Programs

This chair offers a total of six automatic massage programs.

The Extend Program helps to stretch out the body that is good for pressure relief of your back and your posture in general.

The Full Air program uses the whole system of 38 airbags and ensures massage for the whole body.

The Relax Program is used for reclining the chair into the position of Zero Gravity and providing a smooth back massage experience.

The Refresh Program ensures a massage of stronger intensity with minor stretching using the back roller for the whole body applying the airbag system of the chair.

The Partial Program allows choosing some specific area that the massage should be focused on. That is, you can choose only the lower or only the upper body massage.

The Rhythm Program allows synchronizing the massage to the song that you choose.

Massage Techniques

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Synchronic (thanks to the Bluetooth, the rollers can massage to the beat of the music that you choose)
  • Combination

Other Features

Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage. The upper area of the back is detected and given a more targeted deep massage.

Lumbar Heat. Thanks to the heating element situated in the low back area, the sore muscle tissue can be relaxed. As a result, the massage can benefit you even more.

Waist Twist. The Infinity Iyashi has the airbags strategically placed in the hip area. They help to provide a twisting motion and massage the muscles in the thigh and hip areas that are hard to reach.

Thai Stretch Program. Thanks to the use of the airbags in the shoulder and seat areas, the massage chair ensures an intense stretch experience to your body.

Manually Adjusted Massage Strength. Besides choosing a massage program, its intensity and strength can be also selected. It means that you can create the perfect massage session specifically for your preferences.

Bluetooth Connectivity. This massage chair features the possibility of wireless control from a smartphone.

IOS and Android Apps. If you want to control the chair with the help of your smartphone, you will have to download the special app.

Chromotherapy. The Iyashi chair has inbuilt lights. You can darken your room and enjoy the gentle massage in an amazing ambient light around you.


  • Two zero gravity positions
  • 38 airbags
  • Longest roller stroke
  • Thai stretch
  • Waist twist
  • Posture correction
  • Multiple massage programs and techniques
  • Airbag and roller massage for the whole body
  • Adjustment of intensity and strength
  • Chromotherapy
  • Accu-roll shoulder massage
  • Lumbar heat
  • Intersound technology
  • Modern design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • The only downside of this Infinity Iyashi massage chair that we can think of can be its above average price. However, this appliance definitely provides much value for that price.


Searching for a massage chair providing luxurious full body massage, you should definitely consider this one of the top products. The Infinity Iyashi is produced by one of the most hi-tech leaders on the market of massage chairs. This model includes all of the best and most advanced technologies. With an impressive amount of airbags, the longest roller track, customization of settings, and other features, it helps to succumb to the deepest relaxation. This massage chair has got mostly positive feedback from its users.


Infinity Iyashi
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