Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia is one of the principal robotic massage chairs producers.  It is an American company well-known around the world for its innovative massage chairs shiatsu system technology that provides almost the same benefits of massage as the professional back therapist. Using the best materials and the newest seating solutions Cozzia manufactures the durable products, which enable you to relax and enjoy the massage for years.

The Cozzia Massage Chairs Reviews

Cozzia produces many high-quality massage chairs. We are happy to represent you the short review of top 3 most popular models.

Cozzia 16027

Cozzia 16027 massage chair

This model is equipped with such cutting edge massage features as auto body scanning, Zero Gravity positioning, numerous massages and available customization. Talking about aesthetics, you can find this chair covered with black or dark brown synthetic leather.

The first thing this chair does when you have just sat down is your body scanning. It checks your body’s size and shape and regulates itself to correspond with these parameters.

What does Zero Gravity mean? It is a position that helps to distribute your weight across the chair in order to relieve body stress and intensify positive massage effects. You need just to press the button and recline to place your back parallel to the ground and reduce the vertical pressure on your spine.

Cozzia 16027 gives you an opportunity to try six massage modes including popular Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques as well as kneading, tapping, clapping and rolling. This model can please you with air massage and vibration mode. The partial massage is available for your neck and shoulders, back and lumber, and lower body.

The duration of massage is easily changeable. It can vary between 5-30 minutes. This massage chair also has 5 levels of speed and intensity. There are a lot of features that facilitate massage chair customization to your special requirements. The settings are user adjustable via the wireless controller.

So, there are such features as:

  • Zero Gravity;
  • S-shaped backrest rail;
  • auto body scan;
  • 6 pre-programmed massages;
  • 3 partial massage options;
  • 36 airbags air pressure system;
  • vibration mode;
  • customizable intensity, speed and strength;
  • adjustable foot rest;
  • customizable massage duration (5-30 minutes).


Cozzia 16028

Cozzia 16028 Feel Good Series Shiatsu massage chair review

A model, which provides the full body massage, zero-gravity and lower lumbar heating for under $2000. The best one for those who are looking for massage chair from famous brand at reasonable price. This chair has the aforementioned features and offers some more as well. It is available in black synthetic leather that looks and feels like the real leather.

As a previous one it has:

  • Zero Gravity;
  • S-shaped backrest design;
  • infrared body scan;
  • 6 massage techniques;
  • 3 partial massage options
  • 22 airbags air pressure system;
  • vibration mode;
  • customizable intensity, speed and strength;
  • adjustable foot rest.

The Cozzia 16028 has such special features as:

  • dual action: available massage modes with the combinations of kneading with clapping, Shiatsu or tapping.
  • lumbar heating option;
  • quad style rollers, which imitate the real hands massage;
  • 5 programs: therapy, relax, comfort, full air and stretch in recline position.


Cozzia 16020

Cozzia 16020 robotic massage chair review

A little bit cheaper model but equipped with most of the previously mentioned features. It also has a recognizable design and it is made from synthetic leather and available either in black or brown.

The Cozzia 16020 reclines to a convenient angle, but not to the Zero Gravity. However, this massage chair provides such great features as:

  • auto body scan;
  • 6 massage techniques lasting 15 minutes;
  • 3 partial massage options;
  • 6 airbags air pressure system;
  • vibration mode;
  • customizable intensity, speed and strength;
  • dual action;
  • automatic angle adjustment – angle of the backrest and footrest is adjusted automatically.


The conclusion

There are a lot of massage chairs brands on the market nowadays and prices vary greatly turning choosing into a challenge. The Cozzia massage chairs are the carefully designed innovative high-quality products. Each model offers you a set of great features that are expected of modern massage chair on a budget. We hope this review is informative and enables you to find the massage chair that will perfectly meet all your needs.

Cozzia Massage Chairs
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