Panasonic Massage Chairs Review

Everyone is familiar with the brand of Panasonic, and it has gained the trust of many of us. Panasonic has been among the leaders in the field for about 20 years, and it is mainly due to the positive feedback from its users. Their products are high-quality and made according to innovative technologies that have also been implemented in the design of their massage chairs.

Panasonic has done unrivaled research for closely studying the movements and techniques used in the human Chinese and Japanese massage therapy. Thanks to this research, their massage chairs are produced with precise replication of the intricate techniques that are used by professional therapists. Therefore, it provides incredibly realistic massage. Reading the Panasonic massage chair review on our site, you can get to know more about the most popular models of this brand and why its products are worth your investment.

Panasonic EP 30007

Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRA massage chair review

For many years, EP 3007 was considered the most popular model produced by Panasonic, but now it is being overtaken by the MA70 model, which is comparatively more innovative. However, this massage chair also provides professional massage for the whole body, including feet and arms.

Thanks to using sensor technology, the chair is quite customizable. It repeats the shape of the back of each user, the physique and dimensions of each person, and adjusts accordingly.

Many customers consider the variety of massage options one of the EP 3007 model’s benefits. First, there are five pre-set programs for you to choose. They include Quick, Deep, Swedish, Stretch, and Shiatsu. Moreover, there are eight manual operations: Tap, Swedish, Shiatsu, Stretch, Kneading, Full and Regional Roll, Grasp, Junetsu Ultra (closed fist/soothing grasp massage technique that targets your neck and shoulders). Additionally, you can set one of the four 15-minutes programs: Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Arm & Leg Stretch massage.

There is a set of 36 airbags integrated into the chair that are placed to target all the parts of the user’s body. According to your needs and preferences, you can also choose the intensity level of your massage. The EP 3007 provides a lot of customization. Therefore, you can get the perfect massage experience.

Moreover, the chair has the recline option for you to get fuller relaxation and more intensive massage. The model features 24-program memory, so it is always sure to remember the favorite presets and massages of the user.


Panasonic EP1285KL

Panasonic Leather Urban EP1285KL massage chair review

For those, who are looking for a cheaper variant among Panasonic massage chairs, we recommend considering the EP1285KL model. However, do not get deceived by its price since it is still able to give you a full professional massage and help to get rid of the accumulated stress.

This chair offers a wide range of pre-programs: Stretch, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Quick. Aside from the type, you can choose the technique as well: compression, kneading, tapping, rolling, percussion, Hawaiian, and Chiro.

This massage chair also has an ultra-modern look thanks to the leather upholstery of high quality, brushed aluminum accents, and detailed stitching on its arms and legs.

Moreover, the EP1285KL model features an auto recline to a 170-degree angle as well as an air ottoman system implemented via air bags. This chair provides incredible massage for the whole body, including legs. It stretches and squeezes them, relaxing every sore muscle.


Panasonic EP-MA70KX

Panasonic heated roller massage chair review

It is the newest Panasonic model, which was designed with advanced technologies of the most high-end massage chairs. Despite the lower price, it comes with a lot of the same features and options that the most luxurious massage chairs available on the market can provide.

The chair has been designed with one new feature. It comes with the heated ceramic rollers that imitate hot stone treatment. Recently, it has become quite popular to include a heating option to massage chair technology. However, in other models this heating element was fixed and woven into the fabric. Therefore, it was providing heat to only one or two locations and the lumbar area used to be the most frequently heated part.

The EP-MA70KX ceramic heated rollers massage the neck, shoulders, and back. It takes away all the stiffness, provides additional therapeutic value and relieves fatigue.

Moreover, the unique massage provided by this model is ensured by the air bag massage system, 3D mechanical rollers, and muscle stretching around the pelvis and thighs. This model gives you professional therapeutic massage session from head to feet that includes massage for your arms and hands, thighs and hips, shoulders, neck, back, feet and calves.

In addition, when you are not having the massage session you can flip its foot/leg massager and it will look like usual room furniture.


Advantages of Panasonic Massage Chairs

  • Well made.
  • Very accessible.
  • Advanced technologies designed for ensuring the most therapeutic massage.
  • A wide range of models available that fit different budgets.


  • Though being designed with integrated high-end technologies, the Panasonic models are not the most advanced massage chairs currently available on the market.


Like many other products produced by Panasonic, its massage chairs are durable, reliable and, of course, high quality. The creators have integrated into the design and functions of their chairs the techniques that they researched in Eastern Philosophies, particularly Acupressure and Shiatsu.

Moreover, Panasonic offers a good warranty that provides full coverage warranties. This feature shows that the company knows that their products will last and guarantees that you will get the money’s worth.

Panasonic Massage Chairs Review
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