Osim uAstro2 Review

Osim uAstro2 Zero-Gravity massage chair review

Osim U series of massage chairs is well-known and appreciated among many users. A popular model in the line is uAstro2, which has all the privileges of previous uAstro models and has some additional useful features. As all the massage chairs with similar functions, it is quite big and requires much room, but this model is quite cozy and simple. The features of this chair include several massage programs, which can be easily customized according to your personal preferences, convenient remote with LCD display, zero gravity position and more. Read through our review to learn about this massage chair and why it may be just the chair you’ve been looking for.


Osim uAstro2 Review

Full Body Relaxation

This chair gives soothing, relaxing massage for the whole body. It works on your shoulders and neck, providing nice muscle massage. For your back, it has a roller system to give the invigorating massage that relieves tension and relax the muscles. You will surely appreciate good foot and calve massage, especially when you spend much time walking and standing during the day. Special airbags provide relaxing work on your arms. Your entire body will rest and relax in this chair.


It is designed to adjust to the shape of your body. Even if you have big stature and broad shoulders the chair will fit you perfectly. This chair provides the additional space in the backrest to ensure your comfort.

It features 3 width options so that you can make it fit your body better. It also follows the line of your spine with the S-Track rollers.

The set of rollers and air bags creates a profound massage system. Each item is placed strategically to reach all the pressure points.

There is a special heat pad that provides warmth for the lower lumbar area. It helps to relax the whole body, relieve tension and make the massage more effective and relaxing.

Auto Scan System

Optical scanning identifies your pressure points to customize the massage. You can be sure that with this chair you get the massage that fits your body perfectly and works exactly where your muscles are and not where they are expected to be in average.

Zero Gravity

One more useful feature that this massage chair has is the zero gravity. In this position, your weight is equally distributed all through the body, and you feel light as if the gravity has lowered for you. This is an extremely comfortable angle to recline in which your spine feels no pressure and your legs are on the same level with your heart. You feel as if you are drifting in space, and so you will receive the massage in complete relaxation with maximum effect.

Massage Techniques and Programs

This chair offers you as much as 12 massage programs, 8 of them are automatic, and the other 4 are manually regulated. The automatic massages include Full Air, Full Body, Relax, Stretch, Energize, Rejuvenate, Swedish, and Quick. The custom programs allow you to choose from Rolling, Tapping, Kneading and Roller. This variety of options gives you nearly everything you may think of when it comes to using a massage chair.

You also are allowed to adjust the intensity from soft to vigorous. For this, the chair gives you 5 levels to choose from, so that everyone that uses it could get the desired massaging effect.

If you wish to massage only one specific area, you can easily do it. Choose to have only back massage, shoulder massage, neck, or even only arm massage. This chair is designed to fulfill your needs as precise as possible.

Remote Control

The remote control has a color LCD display. On it you can see your massage progress and choose the options to customize your massage.


  • Highly functional and simple in use
  • Designed to fit almost every body type, big and small
  • Supports a vast variety of programs to customize the massage
  • Has a highly functional remote control with convenient display
  • Supports the most relaxing and restful zero gravity recline
  • Adjusts to your body shape
  • Scan system detects all the pressure points for the massage
  • Lumbar area heat brings relaxation to the muscles
  • Performs massage for the whole body


  • Some users have stated that the customer service is poor
  • The chair is quite big and needs a lot of room


Osim uAstro2 is a good choice, considering all its benefits. You may have to give up some space in the room where you decide to place it, but you will find it a small sacrifice compared to all the relaxation and massage it will give you. Osim uAstro2 has some competitors in the same price range, for example, Osaki and Shiatsu, so you may want to check other options and compare. There are also more expensive chairs from Panasonic or iRobotics. But overall Osim uAstro2 is a good massage chair choice, and its users usually are satisfied with it.


Osim uAstro2 Review
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