Osaki OS-4000 Review

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity massage chair review

Osaki OS-4000 is considered the most well-known model of this brand as well as one of the best professional massage chairs overall. Its popularity is gained thanks to the benefits that it provides due to its wonderful massage. This chair comes with innovative features offering relief and relaxation to your body. Reading our Osaki OS-4000 review, you will see what makes it stand out among its competitors and where it may fall behind.


Osaki OS-4000 Review

Massage Technology

Air Bags

This massage chair features 48 airbags. Thanks to their various sizes, they cushion your whole body. Such multiple airbags help to make the massage technique of this machine extremely close to that done by human hands. Strategically placed, they pressure certain points enhancing the massage experience.

The chair has ten airbags fitted to massage the feet, ten for calves, three cushions in the seat, two hug the back, two for shoulders, three for the neck and three more in the hips.

Hence, the airbags hug the body almost from the head to the toe, giving a user a full body massage.

The Osaki OS-4000 chair offers five pressure settings so that you can intensify your massage experience to some personal preferences.

Advanced Rollers

This chair is also equipped with advanced roller and kneading mechanisms. Its massage technology replicates professional massage therapist hands. They grasp and knead focusing on some specific problem areas.

Thanks to the developed 30-inch roller, the stroke of the chair has the span that is the same as the entire back length. The rollers start working from the base of the neck and reach the lumbar area.

Its rollers are made of super-soft material and feel like the human thumb. Since there are medium and narrow modes, you can adjust the roller width to suit your needs best.

Body Scan

Most of the users of this chair consider the body-scan technology one of the most favorite features. The chair has sensors scanning your body and automatically adjusting the chair to any user for a more effective massage.

These adjustments include matching the rollers to your body’s curves and adjustment of the height and width of the chair. Thus, it fits the body perfectly and ensures that a user feels comfortable, and the rollers do not miss any of the areas.

Ergonomic S-Track

The chair has an ergonomic design of its seat that is designed to follow the S-curve of the spine. Working with the body scan, it uses the body scan information to focus on the problem areas, such as neck, shoulders and lumbar areas. Thus, the body scan also helps to customize the massage to your requirements.

The position of the chair seat ensures that your back, neck, and lumbar areas get needed support. It also increases the massage effectiveness.

Zero Gravity

This technology was designed by NASA but was adopted in many other spheres later. One of them is massage service. This zero gravity feature allows reclining the chair to the degree, where your feet will be placed on the same level with your heart.

Such a position of complete weightlessness of the body is considered the most suitable for a massage therapy. Its benefits include spreading the pressure across the body, increasing circulation and reducing vertebrae strain. So, it relieves the back pain, provides spine pressure relief, decrease pressure on the heart, and ensures relaxation of the neck and back.

Moreover, Osaki OS-4000 features two settings of zero gravity. Thus, you can recline to an ideal spot with just one push of the button.

Four Massage Functions

Kneading: circular movements of the rollers. Eliminates tense in knots and muscle tissue.

Rolling: a fluid movement that replicates human hands sliding or applying pressure up and down the spine. This technique is used for awakening and warming the muscles. It is mostly applied at the beginning or end of the massage session.

Clapping: a roller performs on muscular tissue providing the feeling of human palm patting. This technique decreases muscular pain.

Tapping: the rollers provide the feeling of finger tapping along the spine length. It helps to eliminate a headache and tension at the head and neck.

Massage Styles and Presets

Five massage styles: Shiatsu, Swedish, airbag and vibration massage, and a pulse mode.

Targeting three different massage groups: neck and shoulders, back and lumbar, and lower body massage.

Five massage groups: Therapy, Relax, Healthcare, Smart, and Circulation.

Leg Extension with Calves and Feet Massage

Osaki OS-4000 provides a footbed, which also has a sensor that scan and provide a comfortable massage session. Moreover, it can be extended for taller people. The massage for calves and soles targets acupressure points and decreases tension. The pain is relieved by the kneading of the rollers, and the circulation is enhanced by the airbags of the massage chair.

Heat Therapy

During every session, Osaki OS-4000 also provides the option of lumber heat therapy. It is a good way to reduce the pain and ease the tension as well. It relaxes and softens the back muscles, increasing your overall wellbeing.

Wireless Remote

The settings of this Osaki OS-4000 can be controlled by the wireless remote as well as the inbuilt control panel. They are user-friendly, so you can adjust the massage session to your needs without any problems.


Another benefit of Osaki OS-4000 is its warranty. The three-year warranty really shows that its quality is worth of your investment. It also covers the possible expenses both in the home as well as commercial settings.


  • Zero gravity for massaging in weightless position.
  • 48 airbags are cushioning almost your entire body.
  • 30-inch roller stroke.
  • Five levels of intensity and speed.
  • Body scan for the most customized massage.
  • S-Track for providing massage to the most problem areas.


  • As most of the massage chairs of such a level, it is not a small unit, thus you will need some space for it.


Considering its quality and all features, Osaki OS-4000 can be regarded as one of the most favored and competitive massage chairs. It is not a cheap chair though the investment is surely well worth the money. It can greatly benefit your body and health. Its quality and the three-year warranty ensure that the benefits of this chair can be enjoyed for years to come.


Osaki OS-4000 Review
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