iJoy Massage Chairs Review

Any iJoy chair provides complete therapeutic massage, thanks to which your body and muscles can get an absolute relaxation. If you use these chairs systematically, it will relieve your body from aches and pains, improve circulation as well as rejuvenate the entire body. iJoy 2310 and iJoy 2580 are the most popular massage chairs of this brand. If you want to buy an iJoy massage chair, you can read our reviews on iJoy massage chairs, which will provide you with complete details about these two models. Our iJoy massage chair review will help you to understand if the products of this brand are worth your investment and if yes, which model it is better to purchase.

iJoy Massage Chairs Review

iJoy 2580 Review

iJoy-2580 Premium robotic massage chair review

This machine uses Human Touch technology, which delivers the four primary techniques used by professional masseurs. This technology is designed to closely replicate the movements of masseur’s hands. The techniques include kneading, rolling, compression, and percussion.

The rolling technique should be used on the entire back since it features smooth and gentle rolling up-down movements along the spine.

Kneading provides relief to shoulders and neck by stretching and lifting the muscles. The rollers of the chair work in small circular motions massaging on both sides of your spine.Compression is applied to spread the pressure to deep muscle tissue as well as provide gentle rocking movements.

The percussion technique is provided due to alternating rapid-tapping strokes.

This chair features two motors equipped with a quad roller. Thanks to the three preset programs, you can focus your massage session on your upper, lower, or entire back. If you want to enjoy an automatic mode, you just need to press a button. Each mode lasts 15 minutes, providing relief from any pain or tension and refreshing feeling.

The iJoy 2580 is also a recliner so that it can move back to a 165-degree angle. This improved comfort position also helps to increase the massage vigor. Moreover, you can adjust the angle in order to find your ideal spot.

The user-friendly control panel is built into the armrest of the chair so that all the controls are right at your fingertips.

You can also adjust the intensity of your massage since the chair has a removable softening pad. If you want to get a lighter massage, you just need to remove the pads.

The iJoy 2580 features a modern design. Its faux leather upholstery offers espresso and black color options. It can be easily moved since it has wheels on the back side.

Moreover, the machine includes an inbuilt cup holder for you to reach favorite drink easily and an additional power outlet in a handy location.


  • Power recline with an 113-165 degree angle.
  • Provides amazing back massage experience.
  • Affordable price.
  • Small enough to fit almost any room.


  • Lacks more advanced massage techniques.
  • No foot rest.
  • No calf or foot massage.


iJoy 2310 Review

iJoy-2310 Recline & Relax robotic massage chair review

The iJoy 2310 is one more massage chair model by the Human Touch. It features the same technology and massage system as the above-mentioned product, but it is smaller and lower priced.

This machine has three automatic programs, each of which provides 15 minutes of relaxing massage experience. With the help of this appliance, you can either refresh your entire back, relieve neck and upper back tension, or soothe pain in your lower back.

Moreover, you can customize the massage manually by setting the rollers in order to target some specific area, wherever you would like to focus the massage on.

The same as in the iJoy 2580, this massage chair includes four massage techniques. The rolling back action is perfect for relieving muscle tension and preparing your back for some deeper massage. Kneading relieves tension as well, improves blood circulation and bringing efficient nutrients to the spinal zone. Compression is perfect after exercising or long hours at a desk. It softens the tissue and induces blood flow. Percussion strengthens the muscles and flexes spinal joints.

The chair is manually reclining to the angle of 120-155 degrees.

The iJoy 2310 model does not feature automatic intensity adjustments so you can just remove the softening pad to change your massage session.

The machine includes a corded controller, which can be stored in a convenient in-built pocket. Unlike the iJoy 2850, this model is not equipped with a cup holder. It also features wheels for easier portability.


  • Effective massage for all back areas.
  • Three automatic programs.
  • Manual recline.
  • Affordable price.
  • Convenient controller.
  • Removable softening pad that allows to adjust the intensity.


  • As iJoy 2580, this model has no major drawbacks as well. Although it does not provide arm, foot, calf, or head massage, it does prove its money’s worth.



If you are interested in an affordable robotic massage chair, which will provide professional therapeutic massage, the iJoy massage chairs are surely worth considering. These two models, iJoy 2310 and iJoy 2580, offer similar features and only some distinctions. If you want a smaller and cheaper chair, the iJoy 2310 is definitely your choice. If you need a bigger sized machine with some upgrades, the iJoy 2580 can be better massage chair for you.

iJoy Massage Chairs Review
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