Wheelchair Types

In the United States there are millions of people who suffer from a disability that prevents them from being able to walk efficiently on their own. Many people who suffer from these disabilities have turned to depending on quality and efficient wheelchairs to assist them in their daily movement. Sadly, there are many people who are unable to stand or walk at all without the assistance of a quality wheelchair. There are many different types of wheelchairs that you can use for your needs. Depending on your medical conditions and your goals, it is best to educate yourself on the various types of wheelchairs that are out in today’s medical market. Below you should find a list of various types of wheelchairs.


The standard wheelchair is the most basic wheelchair in the market. However, these wheelchairs are known to be very strong and durable. Some standard wheelchairs even come with various accessories that you can add on to assist you with specific needs. Most of these standard wheelchairs usually weigh more than 35 pounds.


Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are exactly what it sounds like. They are wheelchairs that are very lightweight, but also very durable. These lightweight wheelchairs are also folding wheelchairs, which means they can easily be transported from car to car if needed. They are also excellent for those who don’t have much space and need the extra room. These ultra lightweight wheelchairs range in approximately 29 pounds to up to 34 pounds.


Ergonomic wheelchairs are very similar to the lightweight wheelchairs, in terms of weight and easy transport. However, what makes these wheelchairs so great is that they also have a stronger frame, they are super easy to store, they have very light and breathable anti-bacterial cushions, they are also anti-staining and also can be removed so that you can give your cushions a wash whenever you like in your washing machine. These wheelchairs have been known to be the lightest in the market of wheelchairs and also provide the most comfort.


Wheelchairs that tilt are designed for the backseat to remain at a certain angle. The purpose of these type of wheelchairs is to provide pressure relief on the rear area of the user. The wheelchair accomplishes this by simply redistributing the pressure on the back of the user. These wheelchairs are also considered to be very lightweight and easy to transport.

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A bariatric wheelchair is also known to be the extra wide wheelchair of them all. These wheelchairs offer a seat that is extra wide, has reinforced cross braces added,
And is also designed to have durability to handle the extra support. Most of these types of wheelchairs usually have a weight capacity of more than about 550 pounds with approximately 30 inches in the seat width size of the chair.


There are many different types of pediatric wheelchairs to select from. There are power standing pediatric chairs and also pediatric manual wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are built with aluminum materials that provide increased safety and stability for the child. The type of wheelchair chosen will depend on the condition of the child as well as the child’s lifestyle.

Wheelchair Types
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