Bathroom for elderly safety accessories

It is a common truth that most accidents occur in the home and although no statistics have been done to prove this, odds are a good portion of those accidents occur in the bathroom. Why, because despite being an essential place in any home, the bathroom can also be a dangerous one. Other then the kitchen this is the room where water can be found in places including the floor if not wiped up and a person could slip on it if not careful. The older we become the more dangerous a bathroom can be. That is why so many safety accessories have been created to help make the bathroom safer for the elderly. Accessories that would not only come in handy for an older person but someone of any age who may be in need of some extra help while in the bathroom. Here is a list of some of those safety accessories that can be used in a bathroom of any home.

Bath Rails and Grab bars

Those who need help getting in and out of a bathtub will love one of these. All that is needed is to install the bar in a place where it will be easily accessible and the make sure it is securely in place. Once it is, it will help the individual get in and more important get out of the tub. As an added bonus these can also be installed to a shower to help step in and out.

Sliding bath transfer and shower chair reviews on website.

All a senior needs to do is sit in the chair to be slid over the high step of the tub. The seat is also ideal for use as a shower bench as well. It is also perfect for those with limited mobility due to injury or surgery. There are also simpler shower benches available that an individual can just use when inside the shower.

Hand heldRetractable Shower Head

Another great invention for the tub or the shower that will come in handy for an elderly person to use. With one of these, a senior can easily wash their hair and control the flow of the water coming down on them while in the shower or even bath.

Raised Toilet seat and safety frame

Raised toilet seats are simple to install and make it easier for a senior to sit down and get up from the toilet. Another great accessory that can be used is the safety frame, these cleverly fit around the toilet providing comfortable bars to help a person effortlessly get stand up from the seat when finish.

These are just some of the safety accessories that are ideal for a bathroom to make it safer for the elderly. There are many of the markets these days some more complex than others. Keep in mind though regardless of what is bought rest assure there will be rest free they are rust proof and resist water as well making them ideal for one of the wettest steamiest rooms of the home.

Bathroom for elderly safety accessories
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