Portable Massage Chairs: the Top 10 of 2016

Nowadays, more and more massage therapists are tending to run their own business. Therefore, many of them are now engaged in severe competition. To achieve success in this field professional skills and understanding of the business strategy are required. But having this knowledge is not the entire story. One more thing a good therapist needs is a massage chair that is easy to use, move, and store. Having such a piece of equipment will allow you to give your clients the best massage healing experience.

Here, we present a few descriptions of the best portable massage chairs available for sale in 2015. Not only do all of the products serve their purpose, but they also help their owners grow professionally. The top 10 is based on the users’ recommendations and the ratings given in their reviews.

All of the chairs are portable and foldable. To get more information on each of them, continue reading the guide.

Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

Master professional portable massage chair review

The piece comes with an aluminum frame covered with small-cell foam. With its weight of only 16.5 pounds, the piece is capacious enough to hold 1200 pounds. The item comes with a six-way adjustable face cradle, a pillow, and a chest bolster for superior comfort. The product is delivered with a beautiful wheeled carrying case that resembles a suitcase. A session pouch serves as a perfect storage place for your jewelry, glasses, and other accessories.


Premium BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

Black New BestMassage 4 portable massage chair review

The product is 29″ long, 48″ high, and 18″ wide. Its surface is made of ultra-soft PU. The piece comes with an adjustable seat as well as portable head and hand rests. Thanks to a carrying case, you will have no troubles moving the piece around. The product holds 700 lb of static weight and 300 lb of working weight. You can fold the piece to transport it with ease. The highest position of the product is about 13″, and its weight is 25 pounds.


Stronglite Ergo-Pro Massage Chair     

Stronglite Ergo Pro portable massage chair review

There are 3 pieces included to the package: a chair, a pad, and a carrying case. The frame of the equipment is made of hardwearing semi-gloss aluminum and has about 1200 pounds of static capacity and 600 pounds of working capacity. With the weight of only 19 pounds, the product is easy to store and carry over. The good thing is that the piece is covered by a lifetime warranty which makes it a good buy. The product is flexible and user-friendly.


NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair

NRG Grasshopper adjustable massage chair review

In the package, there is a case used for easy chair transportation. Thanks to it, it will be easy for you to move the product around. The frame is made of sturdy aircraft aluminum. All of the pieces – arm supports, a seat, head rest, and a chest rest – are adjustable. It features levanter vinyl stain-resistant upholstery. The chair looks great and is very easy to maintain. The manufacturer covers the product by a 1-year warranty. With the weight of 18 lbs, the item is easy to move around. The chair supports the following therapies: rolling, kneading, heat, vibration, and others. Since the product allows for full body massage, the sessions deliver superior results.


Heaven Massage Deluxe Folding Massage Chair

Heaven Deluxe portable folding massage chair review

There is a carrying case included to the package. The surface of the chair is made of ultra-soft PU material which makes it very comfortable to sit. The product features a seat, hand rest, and a head rest, and all of these pieces are adjustable. With the weight of only 24 pounds, the chair has 700 pounds of static capacity and 300 pounds of working capacity. The product is easy to move and store. The foam that covers the frame is 3.5″ thick. Since the product is affordably-priced, it is a sound investment.


Avila II Massage Chair by Earthlite

Earthlite Avila 2 portable massage chair package review

There are 3 pieces included to the package: a chair, a durable nylon wheel, and a carrying bag. The bag features a telescoping handle that contributes to its mobility. Moreover, there are a pouch, sternum pad, and a DVD with instructions. The item comes with stainless steel clutches and heavy-duty chest clamp. To optimize the fitting of the product, one may use on of three quick levers. With the weight of 25 pounds, the chair holds up to 350 lbs. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, and a cushion is covered by a 2-year warranty.


Vortex Massage Chair by Earthlite

Earthlite Vortex portable massage chair package review

In the package, there is a sternum pad. For your chair to be protected properly there is a soft carrying case included to the package. The frame of the chair is made of lightweight aluminum. Since it weights only15 pounds, it is easy to carry over. It requires little storage space as it can be folded with ease. The working capacity of the product is 300 pounds. The manufacturer covers the construction by a limited lifetime warranty and its vinyl cushions by a two-year warranty. There are no wheels attached to the case, however, it is lightweight enough to be carried over effortlessly.


Therabuilt Portable Massage Chair

Therabuilt Apex portable massage chair review

With its frame made of strong metal, the chair weighs only 18.5 pounds. However, it can hold the weight of more than 250 pounds. Customers claim that the product is mobile and very comfortable to use and carry over as it comes with a carrying case. The frame is covered with 3.5″ thick foam layer. The chair features an adjustable face cradle covered by a 3-month warranty. You can choose any position for the head as it is adjustable and can be tilted with ease. It takes no time to adjust the product in accordance with your needs. Since you can fold the chair, it requires little storage space.


Cream Foldable Portable Massage Chair

Cream foldable steel portable massage chair review

If you need a mobile chair, then this option may be your perfect choice. The product features attached wheels which make it easy to have it always at hand. There is a carrying case in the package. For your convenience, fold the chair before placing in a storage place. No additional tools are needed for assembling the piece. With its relatively small weight, the chair has 600 pounds of static capacity and 300 pounds of working capacity. Its steel frame is very durable. On the chest pad and head and arm rests, there is a foam cover which is 3.5″ thick.


Salon Spa Portable Massage Chair

Robin black salon spa MC-50BLK portable massage chair review

The piece is made of PVC leather which makes it fully waterproof. With its 3″ cushion, it weights only 25 pounds. Except for the chair, in the package, there is a nylon carrying case as well. The item features a fully adjustable seat that ensures extra comfort. It takes no time to prepare the piece for use. Although the product doesn’t weight a lot, it is built to last. The maximum weight it can handle is something in between 250-300 lbs.


Portable Massage Chairs: the Top 10 of 2016
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